Saturday, December 31, 2005

'Twas A Year of Roller Coaster Ride

To cap off the year, I contemplated and asked myself how this year treated me. The windmill of my mind began to flow, and started generating past experiences of ups and downs, metaphorical of having a coaster ride.

Allow me to share events which highlighted our 2005 and made this year sui generis from the preceding years.

-- We came home from Bangkok, Thailand after more than two years of enjoying life the Thai ways. My husband's telecoms project there was already through. We were really sad then, coz Bangkok means a lot to me and my husband. This was where we started our family, born our son, and celebrated my son's first birthday. Until now, we've been missing Bangkok, and hoping to be back there in the near future.
-- Before we go back from Bangkok to Manila, we applied for tourist visa in US Embassy in Bangkok. My husband already had a H1 visa, and he wanted us to also have it in case there was an urgent need for him to work in the USA. However, luck was not in our hands, and the application was sadly denied. Hubby felt bad, but it was okay for me coz I know Jett and I will be having one in the future. At least, I had the experience (hehe)
-- Jett got hospitalized for the first time of his toddler life, three days after we arrived from Bangkok. He had a bronchitis, and needed to be confined in Makati Medical Center for two days. I was so worried that time, coz he never been brought to the hospital for sickness in Bangkok. Little that we know, that bronchitis, primary complex, and asthma are common sick problem here in Manila. It was a sad knowledge.

-- After much untoward incidents, we finally had the chance to celebrate Jett's 1st birthday of life at this month. The gala was long overdue since Jett's birthday is December. We chose Networld Hotel Manila in Roxas Blvd. for the occasion. Shrek was his favorite 3D cartoon character during those times, so it was a Shrek themed party. Jett's first birthday was a big league for me, coz we really spent time and money for this. As a result, it was really remarkable.

-- We bought a brand new red Toyota Vios 1.3J in Toyota Balintawak at this month. We purchased the lowest grade, and we upgraded the accessories and add-ons in Banaue. There was a need for us to buy a car since we're travelling a lot. I love this car so much, I even gave her a name, "JANAY". Janay is now 9-month-old, and I am also a 9-month-old driver.

-- Honey flew-away to Bangladesh for work. It was the very first time we slept separately for more than a month. It was a happening of different emotions. Happy that more earnings mean more savings, and in blue, that it was a must for him to leave us for a while and missed the milestones Jett went through because of work. For now, I'm starting to get used to it. But I'm still hoping that his next projects, will qualify us to come with him.

-- I have to include this, coz I'm happy to have at this month the 24/7 unlimited access to internet thru SMART WI-FI. Because of this service, we save money in making IDD calls, but instead hubby and I use voice chat through YM plus the video. It also re-opened the door of blogging for me. I was one of the pioneer clients who grabbed SMART's wireless offer instantly.

-- I considered this month the boldest month for me. Phases swayed in different courses. Jett was once again confined this time in St. Lukes, because of high-fever for days caused by viral infection. He stayed in the hospital for 3 days. Honey rushed home from Bangladesh to check personally if everybody is okay.
-- Another first, I spent my 24th birthday inside the hospital room with Jett and maid. Honey got home on the night of my birthday.
-- We bought a 171 sqm corner lot in Greenwoods Executive Village in Pasig. Very nice in location, near schools, hospitals, and shopping malls.

-- Tatay Dodong passed away from liver, blood, and lung infections. It was the lowest month of my year.
-- I learned that my helper, who did not come back from a day off, stole my clothes and bracelet. I had to spend my time to file a case against her, but apparently, I did not recover the accesory. The case is now stagnant because of an internal problem.

-- Jett commemorate his 2nd birthday at the exact day of the year he was freed from my womb, on the 24th of December. The party was held in Jollibee 10th ave Caloocan City. One ride away from our Caloocan's house, almost all the kids from my hubby's side were able to attend the party.
-- We graced our first Christmas here in Manila as threesome. It was really a blessed holiday coz we got to spent it with our relatives. I had missed two christmas in Manila, and hubby missed four.

For the year 2006, I am hoping and praying that new doors and windows will open up for us to strengthen our bonds and widen our relationship as a family, parents, and individuals. WELCOME 2006!!!