Tuesday, November 08, 2005


We went to PNP Marilao this afternoon, I filed a formal complaint against my former helper who stole my silver bracelet, two blouses, and several pieces of undergarments of mine, my mother, and my niece. Apparently, we found out that there are missing pieces, five days after she took a day-off on November first, and never came back. The clothes were recovered, but the bracelet is still left out. According to the suspect, she pawned it.

My husband dissuade me not to waste time on this and charge what happened to experience.

But I beg to disagree, yes, I think, I am spending or wasting time, but I need to go through a process that will take a little bit more of my hour. What were taken from me and my family, are very minimal in value. What I want not to happen again is for this girl to victimize another household, and she will not stop, unless somebody stop her by sending her to where she belongs, in jail.

She was found this evening by the people whom I told to indict if she won't turn-up.

The MORAL of the LESSON? Ask for NBI or police clearance if you plan to hire help, period!