Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Tear Jerker Surprise AVP / VTR (Please watch these three! You won't regret it!)


Favorite music: Audrey and If by Bread
Celebrator: Roberto “Bobby” Santiago
Event: 40th Birthday

On your 40th birthday … fade….
We made a little something for you …. Fade ….
so sit back … fade…
relax …. Fade…
and enjoy the presentation …. Fade

Let us reminisce your 40 yesteryears… fade…
(photos of Bobby – refer to CD entitled Bobby’s AVP under the folder “Bobby only” in the following order: Early Years-Recent Years-Current)

Have we not told you … fade…
how much you mean to us? … fade …

Note: the following are the names of the people in the video footages in order:
1--Ronelia and family – Bobby’s youngest sister
2-- Lucita Santiago – Bobby’s mom
(show pictures of Bobby and Mommy. Refer to CD entitled Bobby’s AVP under the folder “Bobby and his Mom”)
3-- Ate Lhor, Kuya Gonzalo, Maricel and Al – Bobby’s Tito, Tita and pamangkins (no message, just greetings)
4--Kuya Boyet – Bobby’s elder brother
5-- Ate Neri – Bobby’s Aunt
6-- Ate Rowel, John Mae, and Ella – Bobby’s elder sister and pamangkins
7-- Ate Roma – Bobby’s eldest sister
8-- Ardhel – Bobby’s nephew
9-- Kim – Bobby’s niece (no message, just greetings)
10-- Ikang – Bobby’s niece
11-- Kelvin – Bobby’s nephew (no message just greetings)
12-- Joey – Bobby’s nephew
13-- Tita Tuin and Joey
14-- Kuya Riz – Bobby’s elder brother
15-- Jett and Jedd – Bobby’s sons (no message just greetings)
16-- Jett – Bobby’s elder son (no message just singing)
17-- Johnny Alcaraz – Bobby’s father-in-law (no message, just greetings)
18-- Karla, Jero, Rica, and Ten-ten – Bobby’s Pamangkins (no message just greetings)
19-- Rica – Bobby’s niece
20-- Venus – Joan’s bestfriend
21-- Cathy – Bobby’s sister-in-law (no message just greetings)
22-- Patricia, Patrick, Cacai – Bobby’s pamangkins (no message just greetings)
23—Editha Lamberte – Bobby’s mother-in-law
24-- Joan – Bobby’s wife
(show pictures of Bobby and Joan, refer to CD entitled Bobby’s AVP under the folder “Bobby and Joan”)
25 – Dhel – Bobby’s younger sister

I prefer the sequencing of the video footages in the following order (thru its numbers):
4-6-7-14-25-5-8-10-12-13-19-20 ….
Voice Messages of:
Renan – Bobby’s youngest brother; and
Kuya Ronnie – Bobby’s eldest brother
(voices from CD entitled Bobby’s AVP under the folder “Voice messages”)
NOTE: Pls don’t forget to put their names
continuation… 23-2-25
NOTE: Pls put the word in texts if audio is poor

On this special milestone in your life … fade …
Allow us to greet you a …. Fade …
(videos of all relatives on the video saying “Happy Birthday!” “only”)
(last video is Jett singing Happy Birthday – then overlapping text saying “Happy 40th Birthday Bobby!”)

Oooppss .. fade…
We’re not through … fade…
Just yet … fade…
Be ready .. fade…

Coz you were caught on tape …
(video footages from the dvd entitled “Caught on Tape” )
(background music is something playful)
with the following timestops:
0:03:56 – 0:04:10
0:16:04 – 0:16:20
0:30:20 – 0:30:50

0:00:23 – 0:00:57
0:03:41 – 0:04:06
0:08:50 – 0:09:35
0:10:34 – 0:11:21
0:20:30 – 0:21:05

Lastly, picture of Bobby (with effects) showing these words: (picture from CD entitled Bobby’s AVP, filename “last picture”)

“Happy 40th Birthday Bobby!” …
“Thank you for touching our lives!”


This is the script of the VTR/AVP that I personally, intensively, and thoroughly thought-of for this momentous once in a lifetime event of my dearest better half. I sought the service of a professional to do the digital effects and the proper lineup of each amateur home videos taken at different dates, different places, and different media, like the internet and GPRS (wheh!thank you techie-buffs!).

The video has a total of nearly 30mins in length. And it was partitioned in two parts. The first part was an AVP of Bobby's photos from before to present. It was viewed right after the ceremonial toast. The other half, was played right after the games, consisting of videos and voice messages of his relatives and loved ones. My favorite part is Jett's singing a Happy Birthday Song to his Dad. After he sang, he said I Love You Daddy, then lean to the camera to kiss. It was so touchy and cute! (we rehearsed that about three times? Hehe).

Im really thankful to my sister-in-law, Ronel, for helping me convince their relatives to stepout from their comfort zones for a while, and give their birthday messages to Bobby in front of the moving lense. Believe me, it wasn't easy as we thought it would gonna be. It took roughly a month to complete the video materials for this VTR, including the voice messages of Honey's brothers from far provinces that I personally contacted and asked if I can record their birthday messages thru the mobile. And they gladly graced my request simply because it is Bobbys' birthday.

All in all, the preparation for this VTR per se, including the script above is about six weeks. A feather to the cap for a hands-on Mom like me (ehem!). And I was so right, Bobby cried several times upon viewing the final product of this video. He was surprised to hear the voices of his brothers he haven't heard and seen for years. And for those who have spoken in this video, from the bottom of my heart, I really wanna thank you for spilling some heart warming, genuine words of love and gratitude, that for sure, Bobby will never ever forget with his lifetime.

Have a safe trip Honey! See you at the airport later with your kids! Love yah!