Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Timeless Friendship

Venus is my greatest, dearest friend for 11 years. Wow pare! Would you imagine, we've been together for ages, hahaha! We were classmates from 3rd Year High School at Regina Apostolorum Academy, and was schoolmates at Ama Computer College. She took up ComSci, and I took up MassCom. After College, we parted ways, and started to build our post-school paths. And as the cliche goes, the rest is history.

Now, I'm married with two kids, and Venus is still single. And the good news is, she is available, hehehe! (Guys, I'm ready to share her number, lol! I tell you, she's a good catch!). There were times that we totally lost our connection in someways or another. But one undeniable truth remains, our friendship is for keeps, and we deeply care for each other, and we're both precious in each other's heart.

Aside from wishing you a Happy Sweet 26th Birthday! I wish you peace at heart. I know you recenty went through a rough road, but I'm so proud of you that you weathered that storm with style and sassiness.

Love you friend!

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