Sunday, May 04, 2008

Honey's 40th Bday Photos - Late Post

The emotion was overflowing. No word would nearly justify how fun and moving the event was!

I started to conceptualize this once in a lifetime "surprise" 40th birthday bash eversince the day one we started this relationship. Oh yeah, you read it just right, since more than 5 years ago, hehehe. But technically, the materialization took place last September of 2007. I had to do an emergency-slash-panic booking at Ibarra's Garden upon learning that their weekends of December and January were jampacked. So I was left with no choice. The supposedly just an ocular visit or venue inspection, turned out to be a ten thousand pesos reservation drop by =).

The only available slot left for weekends before January 6, which was Honey's schedule to fly back to Bangladesh, was a Friday, dinner of January 4th. Having it my way, I wanted it to be a Saturday, just to allow the visitors and relatives to have the luxury of time preparing for the special dinner. But then again, it was a successful event, so no use of dwelling to that little detail, hehe.

We arrived the place at nearly 8pm. We were super late since we were expected to be there at 7pm. However, the best thing about it is that, everybody was almost there, so everyone was an eye witness on how amazed, astonished, astounded, cum teary-eyed, my husband was when he entered the venue. Well, you must be asking how did I get his ass on that place, without giving any hint? Simple. I told him it was my bestfriend Venus parents' 25th wedding anniversary. My poor, hindless husband, didn't know it was his own birthday party, until he walked that lights-off facade (wow, dramatic!). Upon walking the aisle, the only thing lighted on the whole garden was coming from four small candles embeded on a small cake with Honey's mini-me replica, an engineer on his phone. And then, when the lights were finally turned-on, everybody lead by the party host, was singing an emotional Happy Birthday song. And yes, indeed, a "dramatic entrance" it was. (awww... it was so touching, I tell you!).

Honey was speechless and teary. All his loved ones were there. Relatives from provinces came over. His former colleagues and friends he haven't seen for ages were also there sharing the moment. The place was soooo perfect. The mood was romantic, formal, dreamy, fancy, all in one. I just couldn't wait what will happen next.

When we reached the stage, everybody was holding their glasses of wine already (I prompted my sister-in-law via text to tell the house staff to prepare the wines already 5mins before we arrive the place), and a ceremonial toast was given. The party officially started.

Immediately followed the toast, was an AVP of Bobby's photos from his teenage days, to his first Americana suits, to his travels, and up to his nearly 40 years old looks. Some guests didn't help but laugh on how the pictures unveil the transfiguration of Bobby's physique, from thin to a little thick, hehe. It certainly served as a teaser of a very happy long night of fun. Then we had dinner of mouth watering dishes, that I hardly tasted, since I was too busy entertaining and thanking the guests for being there. After dinner, there were games and dancing, personal messages from his friends and family, no dull moments in fact. And then a VTR of overflowing "thank you(s)" (which I will share to you on my next posts) was shown tendered by siblings, pamangkins, titos, titas, to Bobby's delight and surprise. And finally, the blowing of candle cake. After the another happy birthday song, and Bobby unlighted the candles, a balloon burst added to the festive ambiance. And to cap off the night, photo op with the celebrator at the enchanting background of the garden for all the guests.

Sigh! It was one emotion-bursting night! Honey has never been happier! I've never been happier, seeing my husband's overjoyed! Upon retiring the day, we keep chatting till dawn. The stories and the sharing of captured moments are endless. Honey has so much queries how I was able to manage that one hell of a party. That, I plan to detail on my next posts.

Happy Birthday Honey!!! We love you so much! Congratulations for having a fruitful, blessful, and meaningful 40 years of life!