Thursday, October 04, 2007

Rush Hour

It is one heck of a week! My phone and my email has been restless for the past days (and my cellphone load, hehe).

Due to long Ramadan holiday in Bangladesh, Honey is going home for a brief vacation. Yehey!!! In short, Jedd's Christening is definitely on the go.

Since the minute Honey confirmed about his work recess (which is just weekend of last week, grrrrr!!), I literally got panic. His stay is only for 10 days. And upon inquiring, the only slot that was left for me on that short span of time , which can accommodate the availability of the church and the hotel is on the 13th already, two days after Honey arrives.

Good thing (really!), I already paid the deposit on the reception beforehand, which was supposedly for December, the original date of baptismal. I just changed the date according to the church's ready sked, which is a Saturday. I wanted it to be a Sunday but slots for 14th and 21st are already packed.
So you can just imagine the task at hand of organizing an event. I promptly got in touch with the previous supplier of invitations, and then look for new suppliers of balloons over the net, asked my sister-in-law to find souvenirs and goodies in Divisoria, check for cakes, complete the lists of godparents, etc. Wheh! The works!!!

So far, here are my checklists:

church's booking

complete lists of godparents

full payment of the reception

visit Adworks for the invites

final layout of the invites

do the map

get the hardcopy of invitations

send the invitation thru email

re-visit the hotel for contract signing and final site viewing

total number of guests




Jett and Jedd's dress (customize)

Honey's dress

My own dress

I wish I can compete against time. Wheh!