Friday, January 26, 2007

Doctor: "90% b-o-y'!

I supposedly have a 4-D ultrasound in St. Lukes, but the schedule for 4-D scanning was packed. And besides, they only perform the said ultrasound for 7month-old tummy. And since I'm way far from 7 months, I was re-sked.

But we were much excited to know the gender of the baby as early as now, so off we went to the nearest hospital, which is the Nazarenus College Foundation Hospital in Meycauayan, in front of SM Marilao. With Jett and Honey inside the ultrasound room to share the first glimpse, I had a pelvic sonograph.

As everbody knows, we were expecting a "baby princess" ... in fact, Jett refers to my tummy as "baby sister". But the ultrasound and the sonographer said, "I don't wanna make a comment at this early stage, coz I don't wanna go wrong, but the ultrasound showed a penis and two balls, so it is 90% boy."

I wanna burst into tears at that moment, agitating with what I was seeing at the monitor. Well, I really wanted it to be a "girl" (hu-hu-hu!). Up to now, I am still in the state of denial, hoping that the next ultrasound will change something. A 10% twist of fate.

Sigh! Anyway ... another good looking lad like my Jett ... will be good enough .... but I think of any names yet until my next scan :) ... who knows? ....

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