Friday, December 23, 2005

Yule Hopping

It was an occupied night last night. We went to Greenhills not to shop, but to have photo opportunities to their Christmas landmark which is usually compared to COD Manila before. Ive never been to COD, so it was my first time to watch holiday characters in costume operated by a machine that move according to their stories. There are also tiangges offered only during this time of the year in extended hours till midnight, but the items are half more than the price in Tutuban.

Afterwhich, we went to Adworks to pick-up Jett's souvenirs. Since we were in Pasig, we took the chance to visit our lot in Greenwoods, though it was already late. We ate our drive-thru Jollibee food inside the car in front of our lot, hehe. At least, we had a view of what it would be like to live in that place at night, and I could say, it was so quiet and tranquil.

Our last stop of the night, was Policarpio in Mandaluyong. I am very familiar in this place, coz I grew up in Mandaluyong, Policarpio is walking distance from our house. The last time I went here was 4 years ago. The prominent well-lit houses are more catchy this time. Plus, the small entrepreuners of food and christmas stuffs that mushroomed the place, add to its blissful ambiance. We tasted their bibingka and putobumbong, that we missed eating for years, and they are delightful. Policarpio street is block for vehicles, so If you have a car, you will park in side-streets. Need not worry on evil elements, coz baranggay tanods and police officials are securing the place.

It was indeed, a long night.

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