Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Rush!

We tried to complete our checklist tonight by going to Tutuban Night Market. It was enjoyable for me and Honey, that was the first time we visited a night market here in Manila, not to mention it was in a scary and crowdy place like Divisoria. We arrived earlier, so the stalls were up yet. The bazaar usually starts at 8pm. While waiting, we shopped for few gifts inside Tutuban Mall, there were lots of shoppers also in their christmas rush. When it was time for us to finally shop in the night market, we realized that we should have just waited to buy in the night bargain itself, coz we learned that the prices were really dropped-off in comparison inside the Mall. We bought gifts for our titos and titas, and toys for inaanaks and pamangkins. I also bought few inexpensive shirts in very cute designs, and a yellow bolero as a selection for Jett's birthday. It was really fun. It was a pioneer experience for Honey to go to this place, and after 2 years, I'm glad I was here again, price-haggling.