Tuesday, November 22, 2005


-- Today, I started to make an arrangement of my most important christmas things-to-do list, JETT'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. We went to Caloocan, confirmed a reservation, discussed the details, and we need to be back by early December for the invites. Well, I need to admit, preparations for the 2nd birthday celebration is less taxing compared to his "1st". That was to make sure his 1st birthday memories and details were meant to last forever. For now, I need to find birthday souvenirs appropriate for Jett's personality, this is my homework.

--I feel bad, I really wanna go to Divisoria, especifically in the newest 163 shopping mall going to Binondo. We passed through the mall this afternoon, and there are lots of shoppers already bustling the place. Honey wants me to wait till he got home to be my tiangge-buddy but I want to prepare the christmas decorations, importantly the gifts (it has been a habit for me that every christmas, I gift-wrapped all the presents personally, that gives me a different spirit of celebrating the season) as early as now, especially I have a long list of people to give gifts. So I need not to cram as the holiday is fast approching. I gonna pick a schedule for this.