Friday, August 29, 2008

A Letter of Love and Support

Dear Honey,

Do you still reminisce our good old lovely days in Bangkok? Coz I vividly, richly do. Most particularly our night outs together, just the two of us. For more than two years of staying there, we didn't miss a weekend of time well spent with each other. We see movies during Fridays and Saturdays, catching the nearly last full show. We go to different bazzars. We dine in al fresco restaurants. We treat ourselves on posh dinner set-ups. We went cruising along Queen Sirikit river. We walk holding hands, side by side. We steal smacks from each others lips and cheeks. Hearing our "I Love You's" innumerous times for that night. Sigh! Those memories are enduring.

But of course, beautiful moments were less meaningful if its antipode were not present. You had a hard time dealing with Greg right? Your American boss, that eventually became one of your good confidante. You had falling out with few of your long time colleagues resorted in treating them with cold shoulders. But now, time heals the agony, and have open communication as before.

And now in your current workplace, you are going through a very crucial issue which may spill a dirty spot to your clean linen of work record. I know you've been working like horses. Your load is overflowing and you were tasked of huge responsibilities. Mistakes are very likely to happen especially if you work under pressure due to ambitious target completion.

What I am trying to say is, you might be in a rough road right now, you've been distressed due to excessive working. But like a cliche goes, it will come to pass, and a smoother road is there waiting for you to walk through. Everything will be fine Honey, Im sure of that. You are such a hard working person. You have that sparkling passion to be of service to your company. Im a self-confessed fanatic of that excellent drive. To err is human, and only shallow-minded and self-righteous would say otherwise.

Whatever your decision will be, and if you believe its time to let go, I just want you to know that me and the kids will support you all the way. In fact, I really feel bad that I can do nothing to console you, and I really feel sorry. The least I can do is to write you this letter. I wanna share your pain and sadness. I want Jett and Jedd cheering you up with their naughtiness. We want to hug and kiss you and make you feel that whatever happens, we are one complete happly family, and we are always here for you.

Kaya mo yan! You are such a trooper. You wouldn't be where you are right now if you're not. Never let other people drag you down, and sink the strain into you. Just keep on praying coz GOD has always been there for us as ever, shielding us against discomfort.

Take care always, and we love you so much. I promise to arrange a getaway when you get home. To unwind and and to bond with the kids. Love yah!

Your number one fans,