Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I'm just so happy that after more than three years of driving, I finally learned how to park our car through its tail. Negating my hesitations, it was so easy as one-two-three! I was just so scared to give it a shot coz I might bump with the other car especially on your blind side. But I was proved wrong, as long as you have a good calculation on your visible side, and your okay! I practiced back-parked for the first time at the indoor parking of Greenhills (Honey was the coach). Now, I'm a more confident driver and fears no-more on unroomy parkings. Sometimes, it really pays off to face your fears, and be proud after all that it was well worth the try.

On the other hand, I had a driver's license renewal for the first time . It was spontaneous coz I didn't know it was already expired after my birthday. I thought, it was still valid for another year. I even steered the wheel a day passed my birthday (we fetch Honey from my in-law's house coming from the airport). However, I was issued a temporary license, since I got my original license from Caloocan LTO and renewed in Meycauayan. It is valid for five months and have the ID card afterwards.

Happy motoring everyone!

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