Friday, November 02, 2007

We turned FOUR! Happy Anniversary Honey!!!

Today 29th of October, we label our FOUR blissful years of marriage. In line with this remarkful episode, let me share with you our FOUR greatest attestations, why our whole self are pretty much in to this relationship.


1. I love to groom my boys. I'm a groomer myself, so it naturally follows that I also wanna see my boys (Honey, Jett and Jedd) on their good if not on their best looks. One recent tendering moment, was on Jedd's Christening. If you browse through the photos, our motif for the event was white and gold. Jett and Jedd's clothings were tailored made, exactly the same color (light brown) and style. In fact both have a makeshift vests and white polos, but apparently I was too occupied the whole time in guests entertainment that I weren't able to change their dresses. And of course, a Dansen polo in brown and pink shades we bought all the way to MOA (Mall of Asia) for my Honey (I love it!). It took me that far to finally saw the perfect one, hehe. My dress is on blue and gold colors from Petit Monde. Actually there were three dresses to choose from, but Honey wanted me on that 60's inspired baby dress.

Moreoever, every three weeks, I see to it that Jett has his haircut, when Honey is here, he will have his hair done too. And I will dye his hair of black-brown color. Every four months, we visit Jett's dentist for his teeth cleaning. Every six months, I buy him new pants and shirt (from Guess). But in between, I buy him less expensive clothes when there is an occasion to be dressed-up to. Jedd is low in maintenance so far. Obviously, his things were mostly hand-me-downs from his Kuya, except for the shoes, coz we have given away Jett's infant shoes to other kids. With Honey ... oh well, I buy him things scarcely, but everytime I do, don't ask me the price, its uneconomical, hahaha! But it is fine, he well-deserved signature items, coz he uses them for centuries, right honey? Hehehe!

2. I love our good laughs. Me and my better-half are both happy persons. We always have something to giggle about. This is the part I really do enjoy most in this union. We may have disconnections about few matters, but we absolutely have more time beaming. We always have something to laugh about. From the places we've been, people we've encountered, television shows we just watched, anything. I think, it is but important as an equilibrium in a relationship that you have sparkling sense of humor.

3. I love our good conversations. Honey and I are self-confessed news sucker. We love to read and watch news, and be updated about the current events, haps, and talks of the town. We therefore have good exchanges of words, from politics, social issues, hotspots, markets, business, even showbusiness hehe, or anything under the sun. We are both opinionated individuals, so it is envitable that we have clashing notions at times, but we love it! Intelligent viewpoints are healthy for the mind coz we learn from each other. I feel lucky to have sensible and witty partner.

4. I love the royal treatment. Mothering the two boys, and parenting alone (during Honey's absence for work), give me an unforgiving daily must-do's. Admittingly my responsibilities are more than rewarding, yet occasionaly they bring me headache, body ache, and yes heartache (tears).

But at the end of the day, no matter how taxing my tasks are. I make sure to refresh and find time for myself. I treat my hair every month on a salon I frequent, and have it colored on the 4th month. I also have regular monthly face cleaning (I used to have facial twice a month), the last time was with Honey, before Jedd's Christening. Recently, I had a suuuupper relaxing spa, balinese massage with sauna (also when Honey was here). And of course, my ultimate favorite de-stressing activity. The guilty pleasure which everybody loves... shopping!!! All of these made possible because of my Honey. He's been so consistent to indulge me from the day one. He babies me all the time. Even if he is away, he pampers me with anything that I wanna do or have. And even if I already gave birth to two kids and have gained pounds (8 more pounds to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight), he never fails to make me feel so special, pretty and sexy. And I love him most for that!

I may have hundreds of reasons to cherish this marriage. But to top them all, spending my days and my nights with such a special person like you, is larger than life. Happy Anniversary Honey! I love you so very much!!! Thanks for coming to my life.


Happy 4th wedding anniversary to us! Time really flies that fast. Its seems only yesterday when we had our wedding ceremony in the house, officiated by a church minister. You were about 15 pounds heavier, and your big tummy conspicuous in your shiny white dress. Set of flowers nicely arranged into your hair, you’re the perfect model for a nervous bride.

At that time, Kuya Jett was still in your womb, to come out less than two months later. Baby Jedd was not even in the “planning stage”, but he will see the light in this world four years after.

How do I rate this marriage? Or should I say, what are the things that I like in this marriage? Since today is our 4th wedding anniversary, let me give you four of the things that I would consider as the reasons I am enjoying this marriage:

First, we became one. You and me, me and you. As the minister said at that time, God has made us one, in body, mind, and in spirit. I could not ask for more, my dream has become a reality.

Second, this marriage produced two wonderful kids, so far. In December four years ago, we have our first born Jett. And May of this year, our second son Jedd was born. They have complimented our joy when we first see them in person. Milestones like when Kuya Jett had his first set of teeth, had his first steps, and tried to say his first syllables, amuses us no end. Pretty soon, Baby Jedd will be doing what his Kuya Jett had done.

Third, this marriage inspires. It inspires me to work harder, so that at the end of the day, I can provide for my lovely wife and my two playful kids. It inspires me that all the hassles in my work place does not affect me at all, since my family will be there to welcome me when I come back home.

Fourth, this marriage excites. It excites me that I always look forward to be with you until I grow old (its already happening Honey!). It excites me that the first person I will see when I wake up will be you, and the last person I will say “I love you” before we sleep will still be you.

Fifth, this marriage is --- oooops. I earlier said four reasons only, but there are definitely more than four reasons I like about this marriage. Let me discuss those things on our 5th anniversary next year.

One thing is sure, I love you so much Honey. That will never change, wedding anniversary or none.