Sunday, December 11, 2005

You Deserve to Win Nene!

I have been a follower of PBB 111 days ago, though you beat UMA my bet who placed 4th, and I texted and voted for him (oh yeah, I did!), I know you earned to be called the BIG WINNER. You have proven yourself to all the televiewers, and the overwhelming 554,906 votes or 48.9% of the total votes cast, only showed how much people fought and believed on you. What I like about you? Walang masamang tinapay sayo, you can make something out of nothing. You easily get along with the housemates, without pretentions, very elastic in character, and you do the tasks first before you complain. A true leader quality.

She took home six million Pesos worth of prizes. Aside from the one million peso cash prize from ABS-CBN, Nene also received a house and lot from St. Monique Valais and a brand new Nissan Frontier Titanium III. She also got an Ink For Less business franchise and a Promac appliance showcase. For sure, this Christmas will be very merry for Big Winner Nene. Enjoy your new life Nene! Good luck!